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This is my entry into the Android Metronome market for musicians.
I've tried to make it a bit different from most of the other Metronome Apps for Android.  (Like not crashing all the time!)
I had some fun making different ways to visually display the Metronome.  (Suggest more! I'm always willing to add something that sounds interesting.)
It (of course) also allows you to specify the sound to make on each beat, as well as the sound to use for each Measure.
You will need to go to the Android Market (using your Android device) to get it.  There is both the full App (99c), and a Demo version.  The Demo version has all the capabilities, but will ony run for 1 minute before stopping.

MetroGnome logo by Tara Fisher.

The current set of Visualizations are:


Color Arcs

Swinging Balls

Pit and Pendulum

Video Demonstration