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Life Application

This is a "Life" (Cellular Automata) program that has many options to
make it more interesting to watch and to use.  In addition to the
standard Life rules (see Wikipedia, "Conway's Game of Life"), you can
choose from several other pre-defined sets of rules, as well as make up
your own.  This allows for some rather interesting (and odd) patterns to
be displayed.  There are also options to change what shapes are used for
the cells, as well as changing the color of the cells over a large range
either over time, or by random.

This also includes a Pattern editor so you can create your own starting
patterns to see what would happen with various rule sets.  You can save
patterns, and build new ones by combining existing patterns.
These then may be run in the Life program just by using the "Load" Pattern
menu item.  Change the rules it was run under, and see how it evolves

If you have the CasaDelGato Life Live Wallpaper installed, you can also
copy all your Life settings to the Live Wallpaper - including all the
settings that aren't available in the Live Wallpaper configuration

One of the ones I like is to use the "Bugs" rule set, with a Color
Multiplier of 10 or so, and a Generation time of 20 milliseconds or so.
You will probably want to turn on the "Auto Restart" switch as well,
since only 1 in 10 or so random starting patterns will become a large
colorful pattern.

There are both Demo and Full versions available on the Android App store.

Settings Screen

Settings Screen

Rules Screen
Rules Screen

Pattern Editor
Pattern Editor

Sample Runs
Bugs Rules