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Electric Vehicle Instrumentation bus by Lee hart (EVILbus)
These pages describe the EVILbus as originally designed by Lee Hart.

Lee Hart said:

I designed EviBus years ago, when I needed a way for EV components to
talk to each other. None of the other common buses were isolated, or had
anything close to the amount of noise immunity needed in a 100KW EV.

Initially, it was just an on/off signalling bus. Individual chargers
(one per battery) could send a "charging/done" signal to a dashboard
indicator. Then we used it to send low-speed serial data on battery
voltage, charger current, temperature, etc.

Evibus is intended as something an order of magnitude simpler, cheaper,
lower power, and more noise immune than CANbus etc. Others were
interested in using it as well, so there were lots of discussions. They
suffered from the usual creeping feature-itis (gotta be faster, gotta
have more features, etc.) that inevitably drove the price and complexity
up. In the end, everyone who implemented it went their own way.