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ProtoBoard Set (variety pack of 34)

SKU: 20000

This is a set of PC Boards that help make prototyping various things easier.  I couldn't find ones that had the options I watned, so I had a bunch made up.  I had WAY too many made up...
This set includes the following boards:

  • Qty 15 General Boards (3 5/8" x 2", or 36 contact points long, power buses on both sides, and larger holes in the middle row and outer rows so Headers can be soldered in.)
  • Qty 2 TQFP-64 boards.  These let you use a TQFP-64 style IC in your prototypes.
  • Qty 3 TQFP-44 boards.
  • Qty 3 DBH-15 adapter boards. (VGA style DB15 connector)
  • Qty 3 DB-9 adapter boards
  • Qty 3 RJ-45 adapter boards
  • Qty 3 Phone Jack adapter boards
  • Qty 2 Phone Handset Jack adapter boards.

I've added pictures of the various boards, some showing how the connectors attach to them.  The connectors are NOT included.

Price: $30.00