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Pulling the engine11064 viewsRemoving the 460cui gas engine. (Having a forklift really made this easier.)
All 762 pounds of it!
Starting the 2nd version of the Motor Coupler2426 viewsAfter our near-disaster with the 1st motor coupler, we decided to build the new one as a 2 piece unit. This will allow the motors to be separated if needed.
Motor coupler work2241 viewsContinuing work on the coupler
Boring coupler shaft holes2180 viewsThis time we wanted to be SURE our boring bar wouldn't flex, so we built a much stronger one.
We also are using much better cutting tips.
Shortening the coupler2147 viewsWe did start with a piece of shaft that was too long, and decided it would be easier to cut off the excess with a saw, rather than cutting it all away with the lathe.
Finished Couplers and Flywheel mount2425 viewsThese are the finished couplers and the Flywheel mount.
Finished and drilled couplers3391 viewsThis is the finished coupler assembly with all the screws that will be used to hold them together.
Position motors10151 viewsMotors were mounted to the transmission, then lifted in from below.
Transmission was then bolted to it's mounts, and the motors placed on blocks to keep everything in position
Building Motor Mounting Framework9201 viewsWe decided it was easiest to juts build the motor mounting framework in place. Carefully cut pieces and clamp them in place, then tack weld it all together.
Completed Motor Mount7528 viewsThis is the motor mounting framework, after all the welding was complete.

Painted Motor Mount7723 viewsI then sandblasted it all ,and painted it.
Motors Installed8609 viewsEverything is in and bolted down. The framework is mounted to the original rubber engine mounts that used to support the 460cui Gas Engine.
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