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Sparrow 222Pictures of Corbin Sparrow #222
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Corbin SparrowPhotos of my Corbin Sparrow Electric Car
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Ford F250 EV ConversionPictures taken while Converting a 95 Ford F-250 Supercab Longbed 4wd to Electric Drive
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Random files - Electric Vehicle
MKII Regs in Front3339 viewsRudman MKII Regs in front battery compartment
Motor and Transmission4193 viewsHere is the full drive assembly. Both Impulse 9 motors, transmission and transfer case.
We are going to lift it into the truck from the bottom.
Completed Motor Mount7645 viewsThis is the motor mounting framework, after all the welding was complete.

Motor Cooling blower3069 viewsThis is the ductwork box I had to build so I can run a hose to each motor.
The box is built out of 3/16" ABS. The blue plate is a metal mounting plate so I can bolt the assembly to the frame.
Blower Mounted2790 viewsAt the back left you can see where the Blower has been mounted. It blows down into the box I built, and there is a 3" flex tube running to the shroud on each motor.
Battery Hold Down mounting4604 viewsBox is upside down. This shows all the flange nuts I put in the bottom for the battery hold downs to bolt into.

Last additions - Electric Vehicle
Decals on back5058 viewsI finally got the Decals on the truck.
Hopefully I'll get some good pictures of the ones on the sides as well.
Apr 18, 2010
Version 2 Genest Rack3941 viewsThe one worked pretty well, though I couldn't use the Sparrow rear body panel. I just mounted the license plate on the genset rack instead.Oct 09, 2009
Version 2 Genset Rack3752 viewsOct 09, 2009
Version 1 Genset Rack3806 viewsOct 09, 2009
Version 1 Genset Rack3947 viewsThis one was nice in that the Sparrow "rear panel" would just slide into the tubes. Just had to extend the wiring to reach.
The problem was that with all the weight of me and Genset, it would bottom out when going over big bumps.
Oct 09, 2009
DC cabling6411 viewsThis shows the DC power cableing done - except for the battery boxes themselves.May 29, 2009
Gauges6368 viewsI've mounted 4 gauges on the dash.
Charge Current, Pack Voltage, Battery Current, Motor Current.
May 29, 2009
Truck wiring AC conduit4642 viewsThe conduit for the AC wiring under the truck.May 29, 2009