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Putting them together3383 viewsBoth motors together! Bolted to the motor-motor mount.55555
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Coupler almost off3239 viewsThis is the coupler when it's just about cut off.
We would cut down to the keyway in the coupler, then we could pry it open just enough to tap it off the shaft.
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Finished and drilled couplers3400 viewsThis is the finished coupler assembly with all the screws that will be used to hold them together.55555
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Finished Coupler3596 viewsThe finished coupler. (Well, I did have to have 2 keyways cut into it, and drill some holes for set screws after this.)55555
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Truck as purchased5932 viewsThis is the truck when I got it home. At this time, it does NOT have a transmission.
It weighs 5940 lbs. (It does have some amount of Gas, and a big toolbox)
First thing I did after getting it home was --- break the ignition switch. sigh. I had to drill it out and replace it.
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240V, 50A charge port5078 viewsThis is the 240V 50A charge port with a jack for a CS6364 plug.55555
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Pack Voltage System Schematic5821 viewsThis is the schematic for the Hi Voltage DC System.
It includes everything that connects to the pack.
I've left out a few of the hairball connections (like tach and tach sensor) that don't connect to anything else.
(Done with EagleCAD)
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Building Motor Mounting Framework9239 viewsWe decided it was easiest to juts build the motor mounting framework in place. Carefully cut pieces and clamp them in place, then tack weld it all together.
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