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3822 viewsSep 23, 2007
MKIIC regs for the front batteries3793 viewsThis is how I mounted all the MKIIC regs for the front batteries. I used a sheet of clear plexiglass to hold all the regs.Sep 23, 2007
Genset mounting2803 viewsRight side view of the genset rack. Note that it is easy to remove the rack and restore the Sparrow to it's original look. It only takes 6 bolts to remove the rack and put the rear panel back in place.Sep 23, 2007
PFC-40 Charger in back3723 viewsI currently have the PFC-40 Charger sitting in the back, since it is a LOT of work to make it fit under the hood.
The wood is just to make a flat bottom for the back area.
Sep 23, 2007
2453 viewsSep 23, 2007
Genset mounting2984 viewsLeft side view of the genset rack. If I decide to continue using this setup, I'll probably rebuild the rack to look a LOT nicer, and paint it to match the Sparrow.
Rather than having a generator, I'd like to put about 2KWH worth of some lightweight battery in the rack. I just need more range to make it to work.
Sep 23, 2007
Genset mounting2528 viewsThis is a view from above the back over the genset rack. The chain is to keep anyone from stealing the genset while I'm parked.
I do need to come up with a cover for the power outlet end of the genset. While it's meant for outdoor use, it's probably not expecting 60 mph rain to be hitting it...
Sep 23, 2007
MKIIC regs for under the seat batteries. (closeup)3078 viewsShows the regs in place. All the regs are mounted to a sheet of very flexible clear plastic. (Actually, the back of a big blister pac of something I bought). I then stuck strips of velcro hooks to the back of the plastic, and this lets me stick the assembly to the carpet.Sep 23, 2007
Genset mounting2789 viewsWhat the genset looks like from the back.Sep 23, 2007
MKIIC regs for under the seat batteries.2572 viewsThere are 7 MKIIC regs velcroed to the left side foot area. I put them here so I could see them, and it's hard to fit the MKIIC's under the seat.Sep 23, 2007
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