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Battery Box shaping3956 viewsAs you can see, I had to shape some of the corners to fit the rounded parts of the truck bed.
Battery Hold Downs3650 viewsAll the battery hold down posts are in place. These are 3/8 allthread into the flange nuts on the bottom of the box.
There are posts on either side of each pair of batteries.
A square bar will be across the full width of the box, bolted to all the posts in that row.
Battery Hold Down Post Nuts3620 viewsI put a little weld in the bottom of each hold down flange nut so that the post can't be screwed in too far.
This is to prevent it being screwed down through the covering fiberglass at a later date.
Battery Box Mount3329 viewsThere are 2 5/8" bolts at the back of the box to hold the box down to the bed. To keep these from pulling through the wood/fiberglass box, I put a long 1/4" thick steel plate behind each bolt.
Battery Box Mount 3292 viewsThere are 2 more 5/8" bolts at the front of the box, with another steel plate for them.
Battery Box Bottom Insulation3922 viewsThe insulation on the bottom of the battery box is permanent, and will be encased in the fiberglass.
It's 2" (1.5" actual) foam board.
Battery Box Fiberglass3995 viewsThis is what the bottom looks like after being fiberglassed with a single layer of fairly heavy chopped mat fiberglass with Epoxy resin.
Front battery box in truck4273 viewsThis is the front Battery Box that will hold 6 Golf Cart batteries under the hood.
Rear Battery box in truck6037 viewsThis is the rear Battery Box that will hold 42 Golf Cart batteries in the bed of the truck.
(Someday when hitech batteries are reasonably priced, I'll remove this and mount the pack under the bed.)
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