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Sparrow Vs Firetruck5945 viewsMy friend Casey drove his unusual vehicle to work one day. (A few people at work asked me if that was mine as well!)
Sparrow Vs Firetruck, 22938 views
Sparrow Vs Firetruck, 35172 views
Cables into bed6391 viewsThis shows how I mounted and protected the cables that run from the front of the truck into the bed.
All under-truck cables are in some kind of conduit, or have a shield between them and the ground.
Truck wiring conduit4827 viewsSome of the DC conduit runs under the truck.
Truck wiring AC conduit4489 viewsThe conduit for the AC wiring under the truck.
DC cabling6268 viewsThis shows the DC power cableing done - except for the battery boxes themselves.
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