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Battery Boxes4027 viewsBattery Boxes just after painting
Under Seat Battery Boxes when empty3454 views
Underseat Battery box with 65 NiCd cells installed3502 viewsThis is with all the cells connected with Busbars.
Front battery box with all 72 cells installed and connected4373 viewsCells connected with Busbars. I only had to use 2 short "jumper" cables to get everything connected.
MKIIC regs for under the seat batteries. (closeup)3073 viewsShows the regs in place. All the regs are mounted to a sheet of very flexible clear plastic. (Actually, the back of a big blister pac of something I bought). I then stuck strips of velcro hooks to the back of the plastic, and this lets me stick the assembly to the carpet.
MKIIC regs for under the seat batteries.2567 viewsThere are 7 MKIIC regs velcroed to the left side foot area. I put them here so I could see them, and it's hard to fit the MKIIC's under the seat.
Battery Box Bottom10014 viewsThis is the bottom of the battery box. It is 3/4" plywood with a 2x2 edge frame.
The colored boxes are pieces of plywood cut to the size of Golf Cart batteries.
9463 viewsThis shows how there will be 6 batteries across at the back. (there are 8 across at the front)
Front Battery Box mounting frame3813 viewsSince the front battery box can't just sit in a nice pre-built holder (i.e. the bed of the truck), I had to build a support framework for it.
This box will hold 6 GC batteries.
Front Battery Box plywood3992 viewsThis is the box that sits in the Engine compartment. It will hold 6 GC batteries.
I still have to insulate and fiberglass it.
Battery Hold Down mounting4612 viewsBox is upside down. This shows all the flange nuts I put in the bottom for the battery hold downs to bolt into.
Battery Box shaping3963 viewsAs you can see, I had to shape some of the corners to fit the rounded parts of the truck bed.
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