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Pack Voltage System Schematic5780 viewsThis is the schematic for the Hi Voltage DC System.
It includes everything that connects to the pack.
I've left out a few of the hairball connections (like tach and tach sensor) that don't connect to anything else.
(Done with EagleCAD)
Apr 13, 2009
12V System Power Schematic5045 viewsThis is the schematic for the 12V System only. (Blowers, pumps, etc...)
(Done with EagleCAD)
Apr 13, 2009
AC Power Schematic3509 viewsThis is the schematic for the AC inlet power.
There are both 120V (standard 20A plug) and 240V (CS6375) AC power inlets.
Each has a separate breaker, and only 1 breaker can be ON at a time due to a mechanical interlock.
Apr 13, 2009
PFC-50 location5262 viewsEven with the huge engine compartment that used to hold a 460cui engine, I'm having trouble cramming everything in.
A PFC-50 charger is BIG, and while there is lots of free space, none of it is the right shape for the charger, or there are other things that will be there.
So, it looks like I'll be mounting the charger at the back of the engine bay, behind the battery box, but tilted up so that I can still reach the controls on it.
Apr 10, 2009
Front Battery Box plywood3934 viewsThis is the box that sits in the Engine compartment. It will hold 6 GC batteries.
I still have to insulate and fiberglass it.
Apr 10, 2009
Front Battery Box mounting frame3755 viewsSince the front battery box can't just sit in a nice pre-built holder (i.e. the bed of the truck), I had to build a support framework for it.
This box will hold 6 GC batteries.
Apr 10, 2009
RPM sensor4591 viewsThis shows how I mounted the Z2K RPM sensor to the tailshaft of the motor.Apr 09, 2009
Blower Mounted2742 viewsAt the back left you can see where the Blower has been mounted. It blows down into the box I built, and there is a 3" flex tube running to the shroud on each motor.Apr 09, 2009
Motor Cooling blower3016 viewsThis is the ductwork box I had to build so I can run a hose to each motor.
The box is built out of 3/16" ABS. The blue plate is a metal mounting plate so I can bolt the assembly to the frame.
Apr 09, 2009
Zilla Coolant Pump3283 viewsI bought a submersible pump for the Z2K cooling. I'm going to use the existing coolant reservoir from the truck as the tank.
I had to cut a hole in the top so I could insert the pump.
Apr 09, 2009
Blower to cool the motors4596 viewsThis is a 3 speed 12V blower I got from Surplus center.
I plan on having it come on in low speed whenever I turn the truck on, and it will switch to hi-speed if any of the motor thermostats trigger.
Apr 09, 2009
Motor Shroud for Blower5241 viewsThis is the shroud I wrap around each motor (Brush end) to connect the ductwork from the blower.
It's made out of 4" wide aluminum flashing. Just cut with a carpet knife, and flex the cuts apart.
Apr 09, 2009
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