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Shop Workbench3439 viewsView of the workbench from the other end. (also shows lathe, drillpress, bandsaw)Mar 23, 2008
Shop Pallet Racking2457 viewsThis is a view along the end wall pallet racking. I use a double layer of it in the corner as a lumber rack.Mar 23, 2008
Shop2203 viewsMar 23, 2008
Shop Pallet Racking2191 viewsMar 23, 2008
Shop Workbench2387 viewsView down the (very messy) workbench. The 2 walls of the office have workbench with pegboard back wrapped all the way around. LOTS of electrical outlets as well!Mar 23, 2008
Shop2457 viewsEnd view of my 3 rows, 18' long, 12' tall, pallet racking
(Another 18' row along the far end wall as well.)
Mar 23, 2008
Shop2327 viewsMar 23, 2008
Shop Back wall3974 viewsA view from the end of the office along the back wall of the shop.
Thats a Panel Saw just on the other side of the motorcycle.
And that BIG shelving is all Pallet Racking. (Like the use at Home Depot)
Mar 23, 2008
Shop2944 viewsThis is Mom's workbench, the couch, and the 6' long sink I found at the Thrift Store.
Also my Arc and Mig welders, and Acetylene torch. (all at left edge of picture)
Mar 23, 2008
Shop1826 viewsAnother view with the Forklift in itMar 23, 2008
Shop View1904 viewsMar 23, 2008
Shop2801 viewsCenter aisle/work area. Currently has a motorcycle and tablesaw sitting there.Mar 23, 2008
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