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MKIIC regs for under the seat batteries. (closeup)3025 viewsShows the regs in place. All the regs are mounted to a sheet of very flexible clear plastic. (Actually, the back of a big blister pac of something I bought). I then stuck strips of velcro hooks to the back of the plastic, and this lets me stick the assembly to the carpet.Sep 23, 2007
Genset mounting2726 viewsWhat the genset looks like from the back.Sep 23, 2007
MKIIC regs for under the seat batteries.2521 viewsThere are 7 MKIIC regs velcroed to the left side foot area. I put them here so I could see them, and it's hard to fit the MKIIC's under the seat.Sep 23, 2007
Front battery box with all 72 cells installed and connected4305 viewsCells connected with Busbars. I only had to use 2 short "jumper" cables to get everything connected.Sep 11, 2005
Underseat Battery box with 65 NiCd cells installed3446 viewsThis is with all the cells connected with Busbars.Sep 11, 2005
Under Seat Battery Boxes when empty3401 viewsSep 11, 2005
Battery Boxes3972 viewsBattery Boxes just after paintingSep 11, 2005
The Controller compartment5739 viewsThis is the Controller comparrtment for Firefly.
I think that's a Kilovac controller
Apr 22, 2005
More melted mess2449 viewsAnother shot of the melted mess in the corner.Apr 22, 2005
Actual cause of the fire4052 viewsHere is where I found the cause of the fire.
This battery cable was rubbing against the hold down bar, wore through it's insulation and shorted to the bar.
This is a problem because this Sparrow had the Pack Negative tied to the frame/12v ground.
The power flowed through the front famework (which appears to be isolated from the rear), then through the brake line to the back framework, which is tied to pack negative through the controller.
Apr 22, 2005
Melted corner3586 viewsThis is a better view of the melted mess in the corner.
I've moved the tilt switch and relay out of the way.
The burning brake line melted both water drain tubes, and damaged the battery cable.
Apr 22, 2005
Melted brake line6951 viewsThis shows the damage under the hood, after removing the charger and upper battery.
At the back of the 2 lower rear batteries, you can see 2 brake lines. One black, one white.
Guess which one melted...
At the back right, is where the melted line melted other tubes and wires.
Note that the brake line did NOT touch either of the rear battery posts!
Apr 22, 2005
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