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This is a simple little program that I use because most web browsers won't let open a bunch of tabs. They insist that it open whole new windows. (Royal PITA)

This uses the data from your Belfry "My Subscriptions" page, to allow opening all the comics in a section (Daily, Weekly, etc..) in new tabs in your web browser. This is a stand-alone Java application. It does NOT run in your browser.
I know it works on MS Windows, and should work on most other platforms. You just need a recent java runtime installed. (v1.6 or newer)

You launch it by double-clicking on it, OR by using the command "java -jar BelfryTabs.jar".

Once it is up, you should open a browser to the Belfry, make sure you are logged in, AND in NON-FRAMES mode. (important!)
View the page source (usually a right-click popup menu choice), then copy all the page source to the clipboard.
Within a few seconds, the Refresh From Clipboard button in BelfryTabs should enable itself.
Click on it to use the data.
Note that this also saves the info to a local file, so you don't need to do this every time. You only need to do it if your subscriptions change.